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Is Penis Size Important?

Many men worry about the size of their penis, and whether penis size is important, and this anxiety can have a serious effect on their sex life and relationships with women. If you have a small penis, or even just think you do, you may be less confident in your abilities to satisfy a woman. In extreme cases this can lead to some men avoiding sexual relationships all together.

For men this is a problem that starts at a young age when they see each other in the school locker rooms and start comparing themselves. Over time this leads to anxiety about penis size that persists through to adulthood. If you experience anxiety about your penis size, don't worry you are not alone.

The following video explains that around 50% of men are concerned with the size of their penis. Both men and women interviewed say that penis size does matter to them.

Have you ever asked your partner if penis size is important to her? Most women would never say to you that penis size is important, but they are just trying to avoid embarrassing you and don't want to be seen as being "shallow". In fact, as several women explain in interviews in the video below, they feel that size does matter and that they would prefer a man with a larger penis.

What's clear to us now is that men want to have larger penises and women would prefer partners who have larger penises. Scientific studies have shown that men with fuller penises are more able to satisfy women in the bedroom and women prefer men with thicker penises.

You might think that even though penis size is important to women there might not be anything that can be done about it if you're lacking in that department. We're happy to tell you that you don't have to be satisfied with what God gave you, there are ways to enhance what you were born with.

How to Increase Penis Size

If penis size is so important to both men and women how can you increase your penis size? This is a question that is asked by a lot of men and there are several different methods that you can read about on this site that have shown successful results in the 1000's of men who have tried them.

The most popular method are penis enlargement pills which utilize special formulations of potent 100% natural herbal ingredients that work to increase both the girth and length of your penis.

These herbal supplements will also make your erections last longer and improve your overall sexual performance.

If you take anything away from this video, be reassured that you are not alone in worrying about the size of your penis, and be confident that you are on the right track to doing something about it. We are here to help you become the best lover you can be by giving you advice on penis enlargement products.