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EnhanceRx™ - The #4 Rated Penis Extender

Overall Rating:

  • Rating 4/5 Stars.

If you're reading this then chances are you want stronger erections that are Bigger, last longer and are harder. Then good news! The EnhanceRx™ Penis Extender can help you with all of these important issues. Using traction over time, extenders are recognized in prominent medical journals in their use to aid men suffering from Micropenis.

Don’t let the #4 rating we give this device fool you. It came to a very close fourth place to the Zygain® and one of the big deciding factors for this 4th place finish was the price. While it is a little more expensive than the #3 brand you do receive two additional Ebooks and you get a top notch product that does it's job very well. If you don't like to take pills or just want a natural method for penis enlargement then the EnhanceRx™ Extender Only Package is for you. If you are looking for really fast results then try the EnhanceRx™ bundled packages.

  • EnhanceRx™ - The #4 rated penis extender.
  • EnhanceRx™ has excellent Customer Service.
  • FDA registered and CE Approved
  • Supplements bundled with Extenders have Highest Quality Herbal Ingredients
  • Free Exercise Ebooks Download
  • 180 Day Money back guarantee
  • Secure 3rd party Online ordering system
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Product Review:

When you first open the package you will find the EnhanceRx™ penis extender is a sturdy product. Made of medical grade components that are CE approved this penis enlargement device is designed with comfort in mind. Since there is an ongoing debate regarding which is better, the comfort strap or the comfort noose the good folks at EnhanceRx™ let you be the judge by including both options as standard. We found this a definite plus as not everyone has the same preference for the strap.

Upon further examination the penis extender device is easy to disassemble and clean we give it a B in this category.

There are ample spare extension pieces included in the kit so your extender can easily keep up to your penis growth. As you get bigger you can adjust the penis extender so it can continue to be effective.

We find that the base that your penis fits into is also bigger than some of the cheaper Chinese knock-offs we have seen on the market, allowing you to fit in the device even is you already have a thick penis. A big plus for men with large girthed penises.

Overall the construction is great! A well thought out product that you can tell was put through the paces in the product testing stage.


Extenders have the highest success rate over pills, patches, or gum. But for the odd person out who just can't seem to get the results they wanted every purchase of the EnhanceRx™ extender receives the same 180 day guarantee that EnhanceRx™ places on their male enhancement supplements.

The Verdict:

You won't be disappointed with this product! It can increase your penis size on it's own (extender only package) but for those wanting fast results or wanting to maximize their gains then we suggest you order their bundled package and with a 180 day guarantee what have you got to lose?

Why suffer from an inadequate penis size when you could be on your way to a bigger penis by ordering today.

EnhanceRx™ Offers 3 Pre-bundled Packages below:

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  • Male Enhancement Exercise eBook

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