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The ProEnhance™ patch is the best rated male enlargement patch that combines a safe and natural formula made with fresh natural ingredients. The potent ingredients work together in balance with a man's body to improve sexual performance by creating bigger, wider, fuller erections and increasing sexual stamina.

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ProEnhance™ Patch Review:

Our reviewers have found ProEnhance™ patches to be a safe and easy way to receive a continued dose of the active ingredients. The doctor designed herbal formula is guaranteed to improve your sex drive by giving you harder, longer, more intensely pleasurable erections and orgasms.

ProEnhance™ is a doctor approved combination that contains 100% natural and fresh ingredients and is delivered in an easy to use dermal patch. The adhesive patch continually delivers the perfect amount of ingredients your body needs over a 3-day period. Our reviewers found that they preferred a patch over the traditional pill, as a 3 pill-a-day regimen can be easy to forget.

Unlike pills that have to absorbed through the digestive tract, a patch delivers a consistent and accurate dose of the herbal ingredients direct into your bloodstream.


The active ingredients of the ProEnhance&treade; Patch include: Damiana, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, Panax Ginseng Extract (30% -Ginsenoside) and Menthol (extract). Ginseng is popular in both traditional Chinese and Native American medicine for its male fertility and sexual performance enhancing effects. He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) has been prescribed for hundreds of years to deal with poor erection quality, and lack of libido, as well as a number of other common effects of aging.


The ProEnhance™ is Our Top Male Enhancement patches that our reviewers have tested. They offer an six-month guarantee and their products come with a free Men Only Membership and Member Area Access to help you with your penis enhancement journey.

ProEnhance™ Offers 4 Pre-bundled Packages:

Each package of ProEnhance™ Patches will last you one month. It is recommended to order a 6 month supply of ProEnhance™ Patches to achieve optimum results and take advantage of their 6 month guarantee. ProEnhance™ operate a secure online ordering system and will discreetly package your order for complete privacy.

They accept Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX.

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ProEnhance Patches 12 Months Package

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When you order the best value 12 Month Package you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for a 1 year supply of ProEnhance™ Patches at the discounted price of $358.95, A saving of $468.00 off the regular price.

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A 6 month package is what we recommend to achieve the best results. With the 6 Month Package you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for a 6 month supply of ProEnhance™ Patches at the discounted price of $249.95 and save $164.00 Instantly.

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ProEnhance™ 1 Month Package1 Month supply

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Buy a one month supply of the ProEnhance™ Patches to try it out. Keep in mind however that we recommend at least a 3 month supply of any herbal product as it takes time for the ingredients to be absorbed into your system.

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