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EnhanceRx™ - The #2 Rated Penis Enlargement Gum

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Do you want bigger erections that are also harder and stronger? Hate taking pills or wearing a patch? Then EnhanceRx™ penis enlargement gum is the right choice for you.

EnhanceRx™ male enlargement gum is a breakthrough product that combines all of the effective herbal ingredients in an easy to chew gum with surprisingly good taste that offers you increased stamina, sexual desire, pleasure, performance and erection.

  • EnhanceRx™ - The #2 rated penis enlargement gum.
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EnhanceRx™ Penis Enlargement Gum Review:

As we have come to know and love, the entire EnhanceRx™ product line is ALWAYS shipped in discreet packaging. Once we opened the package we were surprised to find that these packages of gum are made to resemble a standard pack of gum. Great thinking guys, now no one can notice that we are taking penis enlargement supplements in the form of gum ;)

The guys that used the gum reported noticeable gains in length and girth and a much stronger erection. The ease of use of chewing gum as opposed to swallowing a pill is an obvious bonus. One time I even chewed EnhanceRx™ gum to increase my performance during sex and the girl didn't notice it wasn't normal gum.


EnhanceRx™ Gum is proven to be an effective alternative to penis enlargement pills, for people who don't like to take pills. The delivery method of the chewing gum works through absorption through the mouth and by swallowing the ingredient enriched saliva. Gum works twofold over pills, since pills just get absorbed once they hit the stomach, while the gum already enters the bloodstream through absorption in the mouth.

The effective ingredients in EnhanceRx™ penis enlargement gum are: Guarana, Rhodiola Rosea, Saw Palmetto, Ginsing, Niacin, Maca, Muira Puama, L-Arginine, Nettle Leaf, Sarsaaparilla, and Licorice Root. Since the gum delivers these in a different way than a pill or a patch the male enhancement formula has been adjusted for the correct optimal absorption rate from chewing the gum.

While the effectiveness of the gum on it's own is very good, you can increase the speed of your results and maximize your gains through using the the gum in combination with an penis extender.


EnhanceRx™ ‘s no worry 180 Day money back guarantee is the longest guarantee on any male enlargement gum, that’s because this product works! If for any reason you are not happy with the results you are covered, making this EnhanceRx™ a no brainer, just buy it and try it!

The Verdict:

EnhanceRx™ is our #2 pick when it comes to penis enlargement gum, but it was a close choice between Zygain® being beat out by a very narrow margin. EnhanceRx™ is still a good buy and you can't go wrong with this gum.

It comes professionally packed in discreet packaging, the actual packs of gum look identical to regular gum making it easy to hide your enhancement gum from snooping eyes. The makers also back it with a 180 Day Guarantee giving you piece of mind.

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  • You also get digital downloads of both eBooks completely FREE of charge!

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  • The Silver Package consists of 3 months worth of EnhanceRx™ Gum
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  • You also receive the exercise ebook 100% free!

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EnhanceRx® 1 Month Package1 Month supply

  • One month of the EnhanceRx™ Gum to try it out
  • EnhanceRx™ recommends at least a 3 months supply of as it takes time for the ingredients to be absorbed into your system

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EnhanceRx® Optima ProgramMonthly Installment Plan

EnhanceRx Gum Optima Program

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  • The Optima Program gets a one month supply of EnhanceRx™ Gum each month starting now!
  • The first month supply is $39.95 +S/H instead of the regular price of $54.95 +S/H.
  • Never worry about remembering to re-order! Each month after the first you get sent another month's supply

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Orders are discreetly shipped with United States Postal Service in plain USPS Priority packaging. There is nothing written on the package as to its contents. However for international orders some Customs Departments require that we write "Herbal Vitamins" on the parcel for clearance.

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