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The Total Guide to Penis Health, Fitness, And Enlargement - The #1 Rated Penis Enlargement Exercises

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Penile enlargement exercises are a natural method of enlarging your penis, without the use of supplements or mechanical devices. WARNING THIS METHOD GETS RESULTS but it's not for the faint of heart. You have to imagine your penis is a muscle you need to work out, if you stick to the workout on a regular basis you will see results while if you don't work out regularly you won't see the results you want.

Do you want a bigger penis that will drive the ladies wild? One that stays harder longer? Do you want to prolong ejaculation? You know what you want and are prepared to work for it?

If you answered YES to any of the above then these exercises are for you!

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  • 5/5 Stars

Total Guide to Penis Health by EnhanceRx™ Enlargement Exercises Review:

When you buy the Ebook not only do you get the penis enlargement manual but also a Male Secrets Guide packed full of additional information. I found the book was well laid out and easy to read. The descriptions of the exercises were described in an easy to follow manner and for those that are interested there is a write-up on the history and background of the exercise and how much growth to expect from the exercise.

The following are some of the well written topics and exercises you will find in the manual:

  • Four stretching exercises plus the "Grip stretch" technique
  • Five Growth and Circulation Exercises
  • PC Kegel exercises that help with stronger erections and harder orgasms
  • Daily workout routines for you to choose from
  • How to have better erections
  • Some additional information on how to make your penis look bigger
  • How to control premature ejaculation
  • Recommended vitamins to help boost your male member
  • How to Increase your ejaculation volume
  • How to Improve the flavor of your semen
  • Forskin restoration exercises for those interested in restoring their foreskin
  • And many more tips and trick from penis health to general questions and answers.


These exercises are designed for men who are willing to work on them over time, and that means no slacking off. But if you follow the workout routines you will start to see positive results and in time get to some impressive gains.

The exercises that are included in the book have been researched and developed by various enlargement gurus, then put together in one book that combines the right type of exercise routines for achieving maximum results in the least amount of time.


As this is a downloadable Ebook there are no returns, but for the amazingly low price of this manual you can not go wrong.

The Verdict:

We like this product!

The exercises work well, especially when you combine them with penis enlargement supplement. When we asked men who have tried the book what they thought they had lots of good things to say about it and while there was the odd person for whom the book did not provide the results they wanted, the majority gave their thumbs up.

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